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Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

One of the first things we notice is the reverse role symbolism in this painting, compared with classical Italian paintings depicting the same scene. Usually, and there are always artistic interpretations, eve is looking up, forward, crying out in shame, or otherwise just looking emotionless.


Understanding is a goal to be obtained; not discounted. Everyone can obtain understanding; true freedom from control.

Job Chapter 24:12-25

Today, a reading from the Book of Job.

Jesus, and the big picture.

Everything connects, psychologically, through mathematics. Through God, I will help prove it. May you be allowed to finally “see” the truth.

A Case Against Holy Water

My brothers name was Joshua, and Jesus. Both were slain, taken from this Earth by the sin of man; laden in the blood on man’s hands. Life strangled from earth in violent breath of hate; I lost all I became to know, defending all I had lost, before I knew it.

“Genesis” – An Assyrian Translation

In the beginning there was and still is, nothing. From this nothing, everything was first formed. A cosmic collision in a space without time, the land before was brought forth; created, from the nothing in which it came. The power behind the massive collision of energy, nothing more than all energy itself; labeled as “good,”

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This kiss…

The Sun, now risen from an American West, Free from label, Avido; or badge upon chest. Codex, broken, Lot’s heart attack taken wife turned “SALT” and left death. Eternal sleep now realized and from purgatory, I’m free! Hidden behind the sting of a mortal man’s greed. This first and last lesson continually exists, 400 years

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The greatest trick God ever pulled was to convince the world no single God did exist.

How else would the world believe; but to finally see for themselves what had been written down so so long ago.

The Aramaic Teachings