Assyrian Rank Structure: Illuminati Explained

Shortly after the most beautifully colored sunset, combined with an amazing desert rain; I was finally on my way out of that very spiritual place. I looked and saw a rattlesnake in the mouth of a coyote. I knew instantly what it meant, that coyote was going hungry; and I was not.

When Achilles meets Jesus? Balance Occurs

We will head to the opposite side of the known world and step into Greek Mythology, as told from the vengeful brother of Jesus. It is time to bring plague and death upon the nation that killed my brother.

“Am I my brothers keeper?”

Anticipation of Death Was Far Worse than Death Itself

It happens in an amount of time that cannot be measured.

Your death

Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

One of the first things we notice is the reverse role symbolism in this painting, compared with classical Italian paintings depicting the same scene. Usually, and there are always artistic interpretations, eve is looking up, forward, crying out in shame, or otherwise just looking emotionless.


Understanding is a goal to be obtained; not discounted. Everyone can obtain understanding; true freedom from control.