Author: W.r. Souls

The “Countenance” Debate Consciously Analyzed

The accepted definition of Biblical reference to countenance is that the king tuns his face down to you, while you hide yours; or, his own facial expressions change revealing his thoughts within.

This is half right as Aramaic always has a deeper meaning. Please, allow me an attempt at explanation.

Job Chapter 24:12-25

Today, a reading from the Book of Job.

Jesus, and the big picture.

Everything connects, psychologically, through mathematics. Through God, I will help prove it. May you be allowed to finally “see” the truth.

A Case Against Holy Water

My brothers name was Joshua, and Jesus. Both were slain, taken from this Earth by the sin of man; laden in the blood on man’s hands. Life strangled from earth in violent breath of hate; I lost all I became to know, defending all I had lost, before I knew it.

“Genesis” – An Assyrian Translation

In the beginning there was and still is, nothing. From this nothing, everything was first formed. A cosmic collision in a space without time, the land before was brought forth; created, from the nothing in which it came. The power behind the massive collision of energy, nothing more than all energy itself; labeled as “good,”

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This kiss…

The Sun, now risen from an American West, Free from label, Avido; or badge upon chest. Codex, broken, Lot’s heart attack taken wife turned “SALT” and left death. Eternal sleep now realized and from purgatory, I’m free! Hidden behind the sting of a mortal man’s greed. This first and last lesson continually exists, 400 years

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