The Pyramid Prism

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Society builds prisons with bricks formed in the fires of “ill-fated” belief, stoked by the self promoting notion one person can ever be better than another.

Crime and courts only reflect anger in bunches; never propose actual solutions resulting in long term peace.

Best job ever.

Be the judge, never truly get judged or forced to be held responsible for the outcome of your judgement.

Like having three manipulative parents.

After all, it’s the law and if you go against that, you’re a criminal; no matter how criminal the law you decided to criminally go up against.

You think the people will support you? Nope. Chess is a single player game when you’ve conquered both sides of the board.

You just see which reflection you play every time you sit down across from yourself.

Chess is a game we play with our lives when the outcome can only be found in the pursuit of absolute justice and peace for all; the result must be the product of the achievement.

If you want peace; you may never achieve it with war. It’s the way peace works.

The universe loves balance; not hypocrisy; and there’s a big difference between the two.

People die for it over and over until we figure out how to beat the boss in the mirror at each level.

Much like society, stuck in our own prism of perception.

Societies are nothing more than individual prisms looking back into the ‘collective’ thoughts of the people, which are projected through their actions; and then promptly ignored by the same people expected to maintain society.

To maintain versus improve.

If only the people living in society were afforded the same leniency as those who craft the laws dooming it. Wouldn’t that be something.

J.m.Antle – Mind of a namdaM

(Connecting piece: “Freedom”)