Psychological Warfare

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The war rages on

The Battle ended long ago

Where warriors died

(Now, bottoms up! Haiku!)

(Thanks to my Haiku friends for pointing out my errors. I was going to correct them above. Instead I’ll rewrite it below for anyone else learning. Thank you T.)

War rages on. (Words ending in N count as two syllables)

Battle ended long ago (Had too many)

Where warriors died.

The major difference between the two is minor; but the devil is in the details. Never be ashamed when someone points out your mistakes.

Instead, take notice of them and what is being said about your work.

Your work will become more meaningful because you are evolving.

That only occurs when a little of you dies, not the whole thing.

Don’t be so hard on yourself; unless you are teaching yourself.

Love you,

Love yourself…