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.to learn is 2 be taughT

.to understand, is to have experienced for yourselF

.wisdom comes in teaching others understandinG

so they have to experience nothing more than themselves in order to understand everything else

lleH.Hell – The mirror of perception is vast and wide. It lays many traps to ensnare young warriors looking for power only to wield in the quest for further conquest. The heart must be pure to save the princess.

How do you learn to understand?

Abandon Hope All Ye Whom Enter Here = 7 first letters to spell


Silent A… explained.


YWEH – Yahweh

Abandon hope of your sinful ways if you are ever to truly understand the power of the Lord…

You must read between the lines to learn here. When you learn to understand; only then you shall be allowed to see. Until then, we will just keep you guessing.

Welcome to Assyria.

Land of Jesus of Nazareth.

Now, go to the Ant and learn her ways.

Proverbs 6:6