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We’ll let you see where we are evil; regardless of when someone else decides to bring it up. We do not act perfect because we know we are not.

We’ve nothing to hide.

We’re a human organization.

If you asked to be roasted… Game on.

Then, you can come to our site; where we project who we are at our core, under the same name we release the evil as it tries to sneak in.

Ballanced in the good and bad of love, transforming anger into humor, art, and poetry. So in future anger we may remember the laugh, the love, behind the life; pause and laugh, love life, and live to absolve the foolishness of actions found in anger…

Or the hate in our passion will be the water that dissolves our own flame.

Love everyone.

Make fun out of everything equally.

Then, get rid of the evil equally.

Through words to develop understanding of emotion we grow in determination to help others understand their power… Emotionally.

So we may all solve the condition of anger that rises up as water to extinguish the flame, the truth, the possibility of absolute peace.
For us all.

Truly existing as – 1 – like a rocket guided to a future where we all see equally.

Never wavering in the pursuit of demonstration that often falling simply to verbal proclamation:

Actions not words, back up your statements.

Love you,

Love yourself…



If you would like to send us your art. We’ll write about what we see in it.


4400 n Scottsdale Rd. Suite 9 #274

Scottsdale, Arizona



Thank you in advance. We live for the love of the arts here.