The Knight

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The dark appears blackened in the armor of night; sword bloody, but heart gallant upon his horse of white light. For mischievous deeds the only blade that he swings; at your head just so you think quick like that hellcat Dodge; duck, dip, dive, dodge those beliefs fashioned in beatings handed down with their conditioning sticks.

The Black Knight steps in and ends that fight quick. Confidence gained in the ash, the fires were thick; desire from the fire of sparks and steel piercing his impenetrable skin. His color of black, there’s no duplication in it; nor is there beginning with it without any end. It’s the content of souls, the one being within you’re spiritual Nike, A a see’r; just do it.

Full moon in the night promise as long as you shine, light us up with hope; may we know all equally climb, pulling life’s problems like an elevator up through it.

Alone we all roam if only to bring others home in the end we have only us so please, let’s get to it. Higher consciousness: the gift above self into one, talk about fun; walk the sleep dream awake and see through it.