Painful truths

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It’s dark tonight, like every night though, we get through it. When they told you stand tall, fight for justice for all, they forgot, “You’ll be alone when you do it.”

Battles end, then wars begin; Armageddon, already put my sword though it.

That’s his head on the wall, took it last fall; before he even fucking knew it. The souls, the demon he had, entered my eyes the moment I slew it.

That spin around grin got us both in the end, stubborn though, you know I had to prove it.

Look in my eyes, it’s where he resides, if you want I’ll loose him; but I wouldn’t do it.

Hell hath shown thee things, “we earthy” eyes see; he came home willingly this time, remember, “I give you my peace.”

Painful Memories

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