Space and Time

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Oh Reddit… You so silly.

Wake up to the dream sleep reality you live in and there’s no need to give up anything at all; except your entire understanding of self. Welcome to interstellar space travel, aka astral travel.

Basically, time is on a figure eight loop, black hole feeds the sun etc.

Depending on the core of the person, their true souls “intent” so to speak; you’ll be shown exactly what you need to “see” in order to live out your true selfs destiny.

Evolving and descending upon that which you have allowed yourself to build upon over time and space; perhaps even over many lives, no?

It is why people “snap.”

Can’t have the Biff’s figuring this stuff out now can we.


Chess is a mind game and the mind is a chess game.

Wanna master both?

Solve this and you’ll understand mind mapping in ways that will get you into the future… Presently, through the past.

M= mind

M= ((x3y3)(X3Y3))5


We’re all but pawns or King’s a man once said; as a God he had played chess multiple times with both pawns, turning them into King’s.

God’s chess; in Assyrian speak.