Spiritual Guidance

Where can we receive spiritual guidance from?

This picture, and a quick parable writing.

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As I reflect on today, I call to mind the new friends I made; and ultimately the new spiritual guidance they provided me. In this new life of mine I am often told by people how I effect them positively. I am very grateful to hear it, more so with severe hearing loss; because if you tell me, I can certainly see if it is sincere. I look for actions that match the words.

When I find someone that speaks with a sincerity I can see behind their eyes and words, I listen differently now; I see the world differently now.

This is such a drastic change for me.

I am used to people hating the very sight of my existence. I was used to playing my own part in their doing so. You have to own your parts, all of them. Own your life, and then love it for your own ability to change; daily.

Now, seek peace; and that is it.

For others, for yourself through others; however it is obtained for the individual, enhancing the collective. That is a philosophy we can all live by.

Tonight, I receive spiritual guidance from two places. A book, suggested to me by complete chance, by someone I find myself easily getting lost in conversation with.

Talking is easy to do; having a sincere conversation you can feel in the pit of your stomach, rare; treasure everyone of those moments someone willingly looks back into your eyes, interested in what you have to say.

I call them all to mind tonight. I call to mind all the times I should have been listening, instead of just looking at pretty eyes. It makes the conversations of today, better than the ones of yesterday; for without either, we could never appreciate the need for them both.

Speaking of both… A good book surely must be paired.

Enter spiritual guidance tool #2.

Noble Vines Collection – 337

It adds up to 13 so I had to get it and since I am about to finish it, I will wrap this quick writing up with this:

Here is to new beginnings, new friendships that will ultimately form:

A New Earth.

Thank you Chelsea,

You are appreciated.

Love you,

Love yourself…




When you don’t drink water, wine really sneaks up on you. May everyone else equally enjoy their Friday night, responsibly… as responsible as any good outlaw would.)