Pirates are We

We boarded that eerie ship so long ago, in search of everything we’d never known; but somehow knew we could find.

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In the fire and stinging ice we stand; gazing out at the nothing before us.

We boarded that eerie ship so long ago, in search of everything we’d never known; but somehow knew we could find.

Alone we tracked a new path forward, often times headed in the opposite direction; achieving growth all the same.

Compass broken and in possession only of a map, displaying troubles thought long since left in the past, we continued; arriving in a land hopeful and free; again, gazing out at the nothing that lay before us. Forgetting all the old map ever had to say; we only kept the pieces of the past we thought would help, discarding the rest.

We stepped foot into a new nothingness of space.

May we leave it as empty and yet more whole than they ever did when they found it; no matter where we ourselves roam. The Earth beneath our barren feet, the essence of spirit flowing through our hair; freedom remains to us, spiritually free.

In spite of all that was perceived to have been left behind in order for us to obtain that which we first left; before us, WE had gotten turned around, to somehow again only become ME.

I realized I was simply lost in the unknown expanse of the universe, perpetually alone; in a sea I had been in yet forgotten long ago, conversing with old friends like they were before me now.

We are still looking, for any place really, resembling anything like the reality we sold our souls for; I’d never been told to look for anything but safety in their god when I was being departed; I am glad now I never found their version of him, in me.

How else could I navigate through hell; but uncomfortably alone, and yet in perfect company?

Never finding what the lone heart desires to find when setting out upon a dangerous course, headings unknown; consciously, subconsciously, constantly wondering, not of Coronado, and his lost cities of gold, that poor lost soul.

We only desire what the gilded ghoul stole, mankind’s soul; and now we’re coming home. Only, kinda though because they’re never home, or coming you know; like, “Lucy, I’m home;” but with a, “Sorry, walking ‘dead’ bodies, they just won’t stay gone.”

We didn’t want anymore, we already had two, and we know that we lied too, 3rd eye, tried too. We asked, and in the end you only denied you. You said no but we don’t listen no more, remember, you left us alone, we hear them screaming please bring us all home!!!”

We left Gomorrah, like Lot’s wife, left life, a sea salt infused kinda hate me, well, nice knowing ya but goodbye. It don’t change visions of friends still the same equally embodied in flames, thanks for your help, but no thanks, we’re all damned but we damn sure won’t be damned dying the same; still playing their games.

Goodnight sweet moon, from a unnavigable, yet some how manageable, free-fall like plane.

May the sunrise tomorrow, and with it bring change…

The Light hidden truth, stolen back from clever devils in hats will end this pain.

The fire’s stoked, we no longer hear you the same, the temperatures checked and we’re done. Come out of that closet of fear; our Sun…

Love you,

Love yourself…


Still One

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