Ruins of Casa Grand

I am just a spontaneous guy that likes to look at old shit, peacefully; then decipher the codes left behind to see where we are headed as mankind; together.

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As an individual, I am spontaneous.

When most people say they are spontaneous, I imagine it means they will probably run out and do whatever they want when they want to. People generally respond by telling the person having fun and laughing, not to be so spontaneous.


Spontaneity and excitement, that is life ladies and gents!

When the bones in my body get going, well, I am currently planning a trip to Egypt, have been treasure hunting in some pretty cool remote parts of the country, and some days I find myself endlessly driving the coast line looking for the perfect beach to have lunch.

I live in Arizona. No great ocean beaches here.

So, now that you have an idea of my own spontaneity, there will be some background for you to reference for this re-cap of my little day trip to the Casa Grande Ruins, or Ruins of “Case Grande.”

Oh, these old buildings of mud and clay have me super excited. Admittedly, I am not sure why I made the random turn and drove 26 miles on a whim to come see these buildings; but oh am I glad I did.

Everything connects, right?

If you are out to prove it, then what better way than just stumbling upon artifacts that connect to your thesis themselves in the evidence left behind at them? In my past life I loved working nothing more than homicides; they were the ultimate test of your ability to get “justice.” Someone was dead and could not tell you the story with their words, instead, they told you with the facts left behind.

Undefeated in that arena.

I also realize that arena is too faux, fake, filled with talkers and not actors, or, actors that are just talkers. I decided to take my detective skills and put them to use working history; instead of some biased state agenda that routinely destroys the lives of it’s citizens out of the fear of “What if!!!”

Wow. Freedom huh? Anyway, rant over.

When you take a mud building, such as the ones that make up the ruins at Casa Grande, and you submerge them under water, certain things happen to the “make-up” of the building, it changes at a molecular level. This is evident in the “cosmetics” left behind.

It is no more different than looking at a strangled woman and asking her, “Who did this?” That spiritual shit freaks cops out on crime scenes, I do not recommend it.

Undefeated though. Moving on.

The clay that has been drenched in the high tide, will have a different composition at its core than it does as it seeps out.

If you take a clay mud hut that has been baked in the sun, turning it essentially into concrete, then you submerge that same mud hut under water for an extended period of time, you get sag, collapse, and the different stages are exposed.

This is taken from the north side of the Casa Grande Ruins. This building has been submerged, and I would love to talk about the great flood in this region of the world.

Oh, history is connecting pieces we have not yet connected. I cannot wait until my own eyes look upon Machu Picchu, to study the blocks. The water sag of slow recession in a clay composition can be seen in this photograph; but the really cool marks left behind are all along the building itself, on the inside and outside.

While I was not allowed in, I could visibly see markings from my position outside of the gates that helped support my theory.

Smoothed walls, when submersed will provide longer protection against water absorbance than rough walls; it is why caverns smooth when water runs over them. It is how these walls were originally smoothed.

In standing water the surface of the wall does not matter, as water is the ultimate when it comes to penetration. Like government taxes for unjustifiably ludicrous fear based reasons will penetrate your wallet for no true gain; so too does water to walls.

Had the water been higher than the building for any extended period of time, the entire building would have collapsed.

Instead, what we see are signs of rapid flooding, then a short time later, rapid withdrawal, after a short period of standing water. Any current in the valley, after the water peaked, and the building is swept away, leaving little foundations to surround it. The center building is always the tallest, then the turret buildings.

You want to see the center from far away, you do not want to see the guard turrets until you are right on top of them. Tactics of building a castle in a valley. Hide your defenses so no one can plan an offense around them.

Simple really.

The building is in a valley, surrounded by mountains. If this area were to flood, and then rapidly recede, the building would have been taken down by the power of the water rushing back to the ocean with no re-bar reinforcements to support the crushing weight. With only wooden headers made from tree limbs and trunks; and then only seemingly used at the header of doorways, there is no way this building could have sustained any long term submersion, or rapid onset flooding that lasted any length of time beyond a month or so.

It does not appear any long range support beams were used during construction. None that were exposed in any area I could see anyway.

This was evident as one tree branch could be seen in one of the buildings where the top of the jamb itself had become exposed from the crumbling clay brick that surrounds it.

I had to touch it.

You are in some ruins, dating hundreds of years into the past, with an exposed piece of wood that someone placed there all those centuries ago.

Fuck yes I have to touch it.

Energy is stored in the creations of mankind.

If you tap into it with your senses, you can feel the past. Of course, if you go telling people that the ones whom have been conditioned to shut off their senses, well, they will call you crazy.

If being crazy means I can spend 30-45 minutes at some ruins, take in the abundant history around me by looking at the building with the eyes of Sherlock Holmes, who cares? Then personally, I love being crazy.

Your passion will make you crazy. Mine is ultimately people, history, and the history of people. I’m crazy as hell about them.

My purpose: History, and using it to predict the future. Fuck, I am really, really, good at it to. That will be shown in time, no doubt about it.

Something like a prophet bearing the mark of the beast in my name. Weird. Almost prophetic, to the beginning of the end, itself.

I am sure some crazy person(s) will eventually figure it out, claim I am the actual embodiment of some anti-Christ come to destroy the world and kill me for my personal beliefs.

It happens all the time.

Hell, the government does it all the time. Seems counter-productive to kill your citizens off in rapid numbers while telling them it is good for them.

What the hell do I know?

I am just a spontaneous guy that likes to look at old shit, peacefully; then decipher the codes left behind to see where we are headed as mankind; together.

I started looking when I realized it was too late to save the planet.

It is going to destroy itself, and rebuild, again… Just like it did last time… Wait, in that book it says God would never destroy the planet again, just the evil on it.

I take comfort in that part.

Then I will have a huge rock to explore with nothing but bad ass down to earth people on it.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Love you,

Love yourself…