Kit, Kat & Kaht – Brother’s story.

A Story of 3 Brothers

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Kit was born first. He was learned in the ways of his parents.

Kat was born second. He was learned in the ways of his parents and his brother enforced their now equal beliefs.

Kaht was born last. He saw the ways of his parents, the ways of his brothers. He left and went his own way; shamed by his family. To seek truth and light in a dark work filled with hate and violence.

Kaht wanted to discover for himself, all that he had been told; merely to see if it were true. When Kaht returned after a long journey through the expanse of a world he never knew; he learned it’s ways, as intended.

Kaht returned to his family, with the answers they shamed him for seeking.

Kaht returned with questions and a desire to increase the understanding of those around him.

Kaht was killed for asking the right questions.

Kit and Kat, they helped the insane mob kill their brother Kaht; for he believed differently than “the family.” He looked a little different now, dressed differently. They acted like they mourned him though… Made sure to include him in the family recipe.

3 layers.

Everywhere you go…

The family you make, slowly kills you. Be careful of the foundation upon which you build your houses; for the sands of time know no constraint, and justice will be served.


Perhaps, it already is being served up?? To awake from the dream and find you are still here.

There must be a reason for that.


Love you,

Love yourself…